Client Management System

Client Management System 8.1

Quick access to the common tasks an independent insurance agent will do daily
8.1 (See all)

Client Management System provides quick and easy access to the most common tasks an independent insurance agent will do daily. It also self-documents what you have done for each client.
CMS integrates with your comparative rating system and downloads information directly from the company, making stored information accessible at the touch of a key.

CMS uses event driven menus to make changes quick and easy. Automatic diary entries show the history of all communications regarding the insured’s policy.

High Speed Scanning and Document Storage saves time and space. No more filing headaches. Allows you to service your customers without ever leaving your desk.

Main Features :

- Easy to use
- Self-Documenting
- High Speed Scanning and Document Storage
- Single Entry System
- Company Downloads
- Exceptional Customer Service (Just ask our customers)
- Company specific coverage menus
- Event Wizard
- Network Ready
- Multiple policies
- Prints
- Rater Integration
- Email to Company/Customers
- Email Change Requests
- Reporting
- Quick search by name, address, and policy number
- Quick selection box for vehicles, cities, state, etc.
- VIN lookup
- Loss Payee/Mortgagee/Certificate Holder databases
- Reinstate vehicles & drivers
- Tracks and Records Customers Payments
- Suspense/Tickler File
- Transaction Tracking
- Multiple Monitor Support
- Commission Reconciliation
- Link Multiple Offices
- Broker Fee Tracking
- Email Templates
- Mass Emailing

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